Why Choose Us?

What makes us stand out?

The moment you visit our website, you will immediately realize that we work differently compared to our competitors.

ClearBlu Payment compares costs with your current provider just to show you exactly how much money you can save when you get our services. Our comparisons already include everything – rates, fees and lease of equipment. We do not give out teaser or introductory rates because we believe that transparency is the key to having a strong relationship with our clients.

Our website will already show you the rates for every type of card used to give you how much money you could save. There are no hidden fees or long-term contracts and any questions that you have can be discussed with our cost analyst through email or over the phone.

We believe in educating our merchants in order to gain their trust.

Our Competition

The Bank-Owned Processors

This is perhaps the largest and most domineering in the market, which is why most merchants are being referred to them. The only downside is that they charge exorbitant fees and will bring out long-term contracts for the subpar service that they provide.

The Brokers and Resellers

If you think banks are the worst, you have not seen them all. Brokers and resellers are well-known for being aggressive sales people who advertise services at deceptive rates. Merchants will soon find themselves signing for non-cancelable equipment lease agreements.

The Aggregators

Third-party aggregators, such as PayPal, have their place in the market but most merchants will eventually outgrow their services. Among the cons of using these include high percentages and very little telephone customer service.

What about ClearBlu Payment?

We would like to think that our services are the best in the payment processing industry – and less the frustration.

Unlike third-party aggregators, working with us means getting a certified merchant account that will be linked directly to your bank account. The funds will then be deposited daily to your bank and only your business name will appear on the credit card statements of your customers.

But, unlike bank-owned processors and brokers, we provide services at low rates with no cancelation fees or terminal lease agreements.

Our innovative payment solutions will assure you that processing will become more efficient.








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