Complete Hosted Payment Solution

Turns AnyWeb-enabled PC
Into a Cost-effective Payment

The Big Advantages

  • Accepts various payment options
  • Accepts EMV chip cards
  • Capable of making contactless payments
  • Sleek, modern and compact design

With the VirtualMerchant Complete Hosted Payment Solution, you can accept and process all types of payments in a fast, reliable and secure manner, whenever and wherever you are. All you need is a PC – no major investments on money and effort are required.

The VirtualMerchant, brought to you by Chase Paymentech, is a hosted payment solution that will automatically turn your PC into a virtual payment terminal. This way, your business can accept all types of payments, whether credit or debit cards, electronic checks or gift cards. The transactions may be done face to face, through email or telephone order or through any e-commerce environments.

This payment solution will also let you handle recurring payments and installment options. Now, your business can be automated and you reduce the risk. Allowing Chase Paymentech to protect your financial data will lessen all the headaches that you will meet because of compliance issues. The VirtualMerchant ensures you that your business complies at all times to the latest security standards and regulations in the industry.

No matter the size of your business, you can rely on VirtualMerchant as a flexible and powerful payment solution.


Versatile & Flexible

  • You can transform your PC into a virtual payment terminal to accept physical and mail order and telephone order transactions
  • You can use it to add a "Buy Button" to your shopping cart and allow secure e-commerce transactions
  • Allows for face-to-face retail integration through 3rd party software
  • You can integrate it with face-to-face retail through 3rd party software
  • You can accept various types of payments: credit, PIN-based debit, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), electronic check and gift card
  • You can allow purchases to be made in US dollars or in your customer's home currency through the dynamic currency conversion (DCC) whether for physical or e-commerce transactions
  • You can support real-time processing and allow multiple-entry mode when entering a series of non-real-time transactions
  • You can allow up to 5,000 users and Merchant IDs, making it extremely helpful when you decide to scale your business and open up multiple locations
  • You can allow your existing PCs to do all the accounting, inventory management and payment processing for your business
  • You can reduce the need to pay for software upgrades, new releases and technical support

Powerful,Secure Data Management

  • Opting for Chase Paymentech's fully-hosted solution by Chase Paymentech means you become less liable in terms of security and you can always rely that you meet card association regulations and standards without having to pay for expensive compliance audits
  • This payment solution allows you to establish rules for all e-commerce transactions that come in – you can flag transactions depending on their type, value or other criteria – so you can automatically process transactions but put others in ‘pending' mode if they need further review
  • It allows IP limitations – only up to 50 IP addresses are allowed for security purposes
  • Data can be exported in CSV format in case further analysis or tracking is required
  • A detailed, 12-month history and powerful tools are made available to help identify and analyze trends
  • It uses the latest SSL certificate encryption technologies so you can be assured that transactions made with your business stay safe and secure at all times
  • The interface can be customized so user can only view and access the data and reports that they see

Efficient & Cost-Effective

  • No need to pay for dedicated payment terminals or telephone lines because you can use your existing PCs and internet lines
  • Transactions can be processed and finished in just three seconds
  • Authorizations can be processed at the time of sale but can be submitted later without having to key in the transaction data again

Reliable & Easy to Use

  • Use secure login on your PC to make transactions – you no longer have to purchase additional hardware, software or put up additional network infrastructure
  • Screens are user friendly and easy to navigate
  • Screen sensitive help offers assistance right away
  • Face-to-face retail integration may be done using 3rd party software
  • Supports XML and HTTP post integration with most payment environments
  • Supports peripherals such as mag-strip readers, receipt printers and PIN pads

Daily Deposits

Deposits automatically to your bank account of choice.

Payment Gateway API

Developer tools for custom integrations.

Shopping Cart Integration

Integrate with a 3rd party shopping carts and providers.

Built-In Merchant Account

Certified for Visa, MasterCard and Discover

Credit Card Processing

Just enter a credit card number, expiry and amount!

American Express Acceptance

Accept Amex credit and prepaid cards right away.

Web-Based Virtual Terminal

Login from any PC, MAC, tablet or smart-phone.

Customer Credit Card Vault

Store credit card numbers securely and use them later.

Hosted Payment Pages

Easy and secure way of accepting payments online.

Print or Email Receipts

Send email receipts to your customers automatically.

Invoice Payments by Email

Get paid faster! Send payment requests by email.

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