PIN Pads
All-Inclusive Payment Device with Enduring Performance

VeriFone's newest PIN Pad model was designed using the advanced VX Evolution platform. The Vx820 comes in a slim and stylish design and guarantees fast and reliable payment processing every single time.
Maximum Flexibility for All Your Payment Processing Needs

This new POS PIN Pad model, the Ingenico iPP320, offers fast, safe, secure, flexible and convenient payment processing for your business. Designed using Ingenico's state-of-the-art TELIUM 2 architecture, you can definitely rely on its superior strength and processing speed. This PIN Pad comes equipped with an EMV smart card reader, a magnetic card reader as well as an embedded, upgradeable contactless reader so you can accept different payment transactions — including credit and debit Chip and PIN to Interac Flash, Visa® PayWave, and MasterCard® PayPass contactless EMV.
Reliability in High Volume, High Traffic Environments

If you are running any retail, restaurant or service business, the Verifone Vx810 PIN Pad is your best companion. This device is PCI and PED approved and it can accept Chip and PIN cards. What is great about the Vx810 PIN Pad is that you can use it handheld, placed on the countertop or mounted on the wall. This device is the perfect solution for traffic and high volume businesses that need reliable and secure payment processing.
Efficient and Convenient

If you are looking for a PIN Pad that works well with the Vx570, then here is one that you should highly consider. Another huge advantage for using the SC 5000 is that you can operate multiple electronic cash registers. Don't be fooled by its sleek and slim design because it is a highly flexible and realiable device that can be used alongside the Vx570 terminal or your existing POS system. Aside from the ease and convenience that this device provides, you can also rely on its powerful security features that will never put your business at risk.

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