Electronic Gift Cards (EGC)

Bring More Customers to Your Business

The Perfect Solution to Grow Your Business

Electronic gift cards encourage repeat business, attract new customers and boost sales all year long. The booming stored value card business accounts for billions of dollars per year in sales for retailers nationwide. Chase Paymentech’s Electronic Gift Card Program (EGC) is the perfect solution to lay claim to your stake in a new era of consumer spending.

Our EGC solution maximizes stored value card sales with a complete package of marketing features. Ever mindful of your business needs, simple administration and top-notch security are built-in features to make program management simple and cost effective.

How EGC Works

Retains 100% of Purchased Value
  • Unlike paper certificates, value is retained for partially used cards
  • The sales price is deducted from the card and the remaining balance used later
  • Remaining balances bring return visits and ensure that the entire value will be spent at your business
Integrates Seamlessly into Your Business Environment
  • Works on all of Chase Paymentech’s supported payment terminals and software solutions
  • Administration is as easy as regular credit card purchases
  • Monitor transaction details and card balances online

Benefits at a Glance

Stored value cards are a smart business choice for many reasons, including:

Bring in New Customers
Gift cards given by loyal customers entice friends and families to sample your business. The cards are ideal for promotional mailings, charitable donations, come-back rewards, and other marketing programs.

Increase Sales & Profits
Most card recipients spend more than the value of their gift card – 25% more on average – and there’s no cash back required. And, when used for merchandise returns, the value stays on the card and never leaves

Encourage Repeat Business
Stored value cards are great for regular customers, enabling them to conveniently use a prepaid balance for recurring services.

Popular with Customers
Gift cards are consistently one of the top gifts during the holiday season. They also attract new customers and boost sales all year long.

Simple To Manage
With consolidated electronic reporting and tracking, Chase Paymentech’s EGC program is simple for any size business to manage.

The Perfect Reward – Every Time

Gifts Come in all Sizes, So Do our Solutions

Standard Cards

Choose from an attractive selection of pre-designed card styles. Add a single color logo or customized text in your choice of font style and color. Order 100 to 1,000 cards and your customers will be loyal in no time.

Custom Cards

Invest in style with custom cards designed by you or with our help. Your custom solution becomes a portable billboard in customers’ wallets and more importantly, the cards can be used for merchandise returns, which means money stays in your store!

Additional Features

Administrative & Reporting Features
  • Daily Transaction Summary – receive a daily report of all stored value cards processed
  • Monthly Liability Report – check the outstanding balances of all cards issued
  • Cardholder Balance Inquiry – allow card holders to check card balances via the telephone
Optional Features
  • Service Fees – deducts a pre-set amount from the value of a card based on non-activity parameters
  • Online Administration Tools – track card activity, activate multiple cards, transfer card balances, and access

Earn Profits & Build
   Loyalty All Year Long With

Uses of Stored Value Cards

Stored value cards have multiple uses that can help build revenue for any business.

  • Merchandise returns
  • Promotional marketing tools
  • Convenience cards for repeat customers
  • Corporate/charitable gifts
  • Customer appreciation


EGC Starter

EGC Enterprise

Per Activation & Transaction
One-Time Setup Free



Featureds Included
Monthly Reporting of Gift Card Balances (Email)
Retail Terminal & E-Commerce Support
2-Color Gift Card Priting
Fully-Customizable Gift Card Printing (min. 1,000)  
Multiple Location Support)  
Multiple Location Support  
Cross-Location Balance Settlement  
Online Customer Balance Inquiry  

Gift Card Printing
Order Quantity - 100
Order Quantity - 200
Order Quantity - 500
Order Quantity - 1000
Order Quantity - 2500
Order Quantity - 10,00+









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