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New Application - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the application take?

New applications are approved on average within 24 to 48 hours. Equipment is deployed via UPS.

What documents do I need to apply?

You need a void cheque for the bank account that will be receiving the funds and a copy of your business licence or business registration.

What factors are taken into account for the approval?

The main factors that will affect your application approval are your estimated monthly credit card processing volume, the average size of your transactions and your industry.

Is there a personal credit check?

As we offer a financial service, a basic credit check is performed on new applicants. If you have an established business (corporation) or a non-profit, this can be circumvented by providing financial statements for the business or organization. We are also one of the few processors that allow for co-signers.

Do I need to open a separate merchant account with my bank?

ANo. We provide the complete processing solution that includes a Visa and Mastercard merchant account regist ration.

Merchant Accounts - Frequently Asked Questions

What name is displayed on my customers credit card statements?

Only your business operating name will appear on their statement. This is known as your DBA (doing-business-as) or O/A (operating-as) name.

How long does it take for funds to appear in my bank account?

Processed funds are deposit to your account in 2 business days. Visit our Bank Deposit Information Section for more details.

When are fees removed from my account?

We operate on a gross-billing cycle (unless a special request is made). Settled transactions will appear in your bank account in full and transactions fees for the processed funds are removed from the same bank account at the end of each month.

What happens in the event of a chargeback?

You will receive a notice by mail or email of the chargeback and a 30-day window to provide a rebuttal to the customer's issuing bank.

How long do refunds take to process?

Refunds are processed in real-time and settled with the rest of your transactions. The customer's credit card bank can take up to 10-days to display the refund on the customer's statement.

Do you offer seasonal accounts? How do they work?

Yes. If your business operates seasonally, please indicate which months are active and which are dormant. You will not be charged any fees on your off-season.

Are there any prohibited merchants?

Below is a list of industries that cannot be approved for merchant account. All of Clearblu Payment's merchants must operate according to each card brand's policies and within Canadian and US laws and the laws of their operating regions. If you are unsure whether your business falls within our prohibited merchant list, please contact us.

- Online pharmacies without VIPPS or CIPA certification
- Fortune telling, including tarot card readers and mystics.
- Adult entertainment, escort services and sexual encounter firms.
- Telemarketing firms.
- SEO services and packages (where SEO services are specifically advertised).
- For-profit adoption agencies.
- Online/MOTO tobacco and nicotine product sales. (retail allowed)
- Collection agencies, credit restoration agencies, bankruptcy lawyers and agencies specializing in the refinancing of debt.
- Personal life coaching services.
- Drug paraphernalia retailers.
- Identity-theft protection services.
- Investment services (merchants who buy, sell and broker securities and stocks).
- Online/MOTO guns and firearms sales. (excluding accessories)
- Multi-level marketing (MLM) and pyramid schemes.
- Internet gambling.

The above list is for informational purposes only and does not represent a guaranteed approval for businesses outside of these industries. All new applicants are subject to conditions and approval of the application by Clearblu Payment and its partnering banks.

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